There is a lot to do for children in the region.
Almost all outdoor activities are also suitable for children. But a day of swimming, to a play park or zoo is also possible.

Activities for children

Welcome to Tiger, the friendliest tiger in all of Sweden! This playground paradise for children up to about 10 years old is slightly different. With a nod to the adults who can enjoy themselves in the retro arcade or on the terrace, children can let off steam. Drive a car yourself, sail in boats or play at one of the many other attractions and games. And then of course there is the exciting haunted house!
Tigers Lekland is a real summer spot and a great destination for families with children!

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Fort Kodiak’s founder – Benny Wahlberg – welcomes everyone to the wildest west of Västernorrland.
The western town of Fort Kodiak is being built near Butjärn in Bjärtrå. On site is the fur hunter camp with Camp Ermine: a barbecue area with a view of Butjärnsberget. The Indian village with the large campfire: a place for a pleasant social life. Hangman´s Square: The square where you can compete against each other in the fort’s 5 battles in the shadow of the gallows. The 30-seat Grizzly sedan has a beautiful primitive look. The Cimmaron salon with 60 seats has a unique western feel. The Donner camp is the cozy barbecue area surrounded by prairie wagons.
Take the opportunity to experience Fort Kodiak and the Wild West. Feel the wings of history in fantastic nature.
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Mosjö Stall is a horse farm with opportunities for everyone who likes horse riding, horse riding and horse riding. Here you will find horses, cows, patchwork, chickens, cats and ducks.
Jolanda and Marcel offer riding lessons, riding lessons, horse riding, day camps, horse riding camps and riding lessons.
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At about 130 km from Docksta you will find the Älgens Hus animal park.
Here you get the chance to get very close to the moose!
Welcome to Sweden and Europe’s first moose park with domestic moose and moose calves. Älgens hus is located about 65 km from Umeå, beautifully situated in a village west of Bjurholm. Come and experience the moose, the king of the forest in a personal way that has never been possible before. The price includes a slide show, museum and of course a visit to our stately moose. With our experienced guides, we can give you and your family the chance to study these majestic animals up close.
We guarantee you a memory for life.
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