During the summer season, the ferry leaves from Docksta daily to the island of Ulvön. The picturesque fishing village is definitely worth seeing and a walk to the top of the Lotsberget offers a beautiful view of the archipelago and Skuleskogen.

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Naturum Höga Kusten was inaugurated on June 21, 2007. Here is an exciting and colorful exhibition on how the World Heritage High Coast has been shaped by the geological processes that have been going on in the area since the last ice age melted. In the exhibition you will learn more about the unique coast and the land abolition. Explore the exhibition yourself or join a guided tour with one of nature’s expert guides.
Naturum is located at the foot of the mighty Skuleberget. The highest coastline here is at 286 meters above the current sea level, just below the top of Skuleberget. Naturum’s architecture is inspired by the landward force and the contrast between mountains and sea, ice and rocks.
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This peninsula is not only scenic, but also the fishing villages of Norfällsviken and Bönham should not be missed during your visit to the High Coast. Enjoy a fish buffet with local catch in Fiskefanget in Norrfällsviken for example, visit Mannaminne or take the ferry to the island of Högbonden and visit the lighthouse. The Gårdsbutiken has a shop with all products from the region and a lovely restaurant with a large garden. Villa Fraxinus also has an attractive restaurant and a botanical garden.

Härnösand is a good choice for a day of culture. The Hemsö fästning is located near this town, on the island of Hernö. A Cold War fortress carved into the mountain that can be visited with a guide. The provincial museum Murberget is also located in Härnösand. This museum has an open-air section and an indoor exhibition and is free of charge. Härnösand is also the place with the largest car museum in Sweden.

Örnsköldsvik is the best place for shopping. This city with a natural harbor has a reasonable range of shops, both in the main street and in the covered gallery. Here is also the ski jump and there are several restaurants and bars.
Örnsköldsvik is about 30 minutes drive from Docksta.